Why I am Here

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8/6/17, Pastor Stan Candler
— As a follower of Christ why are you still here?
—  Jesus answers this in Mark 16:15. The great commission.
—  Jesus commands his disciples. And that’s us. All of us.
—  Acts 11:26. The disciples were first called Christians.
1. The Lord’s compassion.
A. 1 Timothy. 2:3-4. 
—  God’s desire is that all come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.
—  Every race, every enemy of yours, all men b
B. 2 Peter 3:9. 
—  Only the old sinful nature guides the unrepentant. But God wants all to repent.
—  Gen Booth founded the Salvation Army. He brought the gospel to the lowest of the low. He told his Liutanents that he wished he could send them to hell for two weeks because they didn’t care enough about lost souls.
—  We need to view everyone that doesn’t know Christ like that. If they unrepentant, they will burn in a devil’s hell for eternity.
—  We have lost the burden for the number one thing we are here for.
C. Luke 15:17. 
—  We love to experience worship today, but in heaven, worship will reach its penultimate level.
—  We love and need Bible study, fellowship, prayer. They do not substitute for the number one thing: to share the Love of Jesus.
—  In heaven, we can’t share the gospel. Until sharing the gospel becomes the number one thing, our church will never become the effective body we are commissioned to be.
2. The Lord’s call.
A. Matthew 4:19. 
—  Hundreds of thousands of people surround us whose lives are being destroyed by behavioral patterns. Do we judge them or rescue them? The emptiness in their lives can only be filled by Jesus, but lost humanity is busy trying to fill it with imaginable vice.
—  We have the answer!
B. Romans 10:14. 
—  No one gets saved until they come under Holy Spirit conviction, and it takes a proclaimed to tell them. We are the oreachers/proclaims. Share the good news.
—  There are over 7 billion people in the world… There aren’t enough paid church staff to do the job. It takes all of us.
C. Ezekiel 23:26. 
3. The Lord’s commitment.
A. Matthew 28:19-20
—  We will always be empowered to do what God calls us to do.
B. Acts 1:1-8
—  It wasn’t the apostles that were scattered across the world, who spread the gospel. It was the church who preached the world. They didn’t have the Romans Road, but they had Jesus in their hearts.
—  God was adding to the church daily through the obedience of the church.
C. Acts 8:1b, 4.