What Do They Need To See? Part III

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6/12/16, Pastor Stan Candler

“What do they need
to see?”
– Authentic Faith
– Audacious Courage
– Anointed Love

—  Our culture us unraveling,  but the blame is in the church house and not the white house. We are the salt of the earth.
—  Because we have no power in our walk or witness,  the world throws out the tasteless salt and tramples it.

What do they need
to see?”  Matt 5:13

Anointed Love
A. I John 4:7-8;16
 God anointed loving people have the love of God flowing out of them.
—  vs 8. Without a demonstration of this love,  these people do not have God in their lives. This is a checkpoint for all of us. They are not Christ followers.
—  vs 16. A lifestyle of love abides in God and God abides in them. 

What does this ‘Love’ look like
in our lives?

1. Forgiving those who have Fallen
A. Colossians 3:12-13
—  Two categories : those we know who make bad choices. The natural tendency is to be judgmental. Our goal for ourselves is redemption (WE want grace and forgiveness for our own sinful choices),  but we tend to deny it to others.
—  The second category is those whose bad choices and sins have affected us. We need to grant grace and forgive as God forgives us.
—  Getting forgiveness seems right to us,  but granting forgiveness seem hard and wrong.
—  Forgiveness is not fairness. We all want and need mercy.  God wants us to have the same attitude toward others.
—  This is what the lost and dying world need to see. They already know what it means to trade hurt for hurt.

2. Helping those who are Hurting
A. James 2:14-17
—  Is uncharitable faith the same as saving grace?  Nope.
—  God anointed takes action. Feeling sorry for someone is dead without doing something about it.
B. I John 3:16-18
—  God anointed love requires sacrifice. We are to sacrifice our time,  resources,  toys.
—  Do what needs to be done.
C. Proverbs 4:27
—  Bringing healing to the hurt
D. Galatians 5:14

3. Patient with those who are Painful
A. I Corinthians 13:4-7
—  You know the tyoe: Rude,  users,  abusers,  they throw you under the bus. They make your life miserable.
—  Patients means “slow to anger” .
—  It’s so much easier to criticize than sympathize.
B. Proverbs 14:29
—  We are apt to lose our temper and consequently lose our witness
—  Hurting people,  frequently her other people.
—  But. When they see the love of God in you,  they begin to change. And this process takes patience.

4. Unending Kindness toward the
A. Luke 6:33,35
—  Really?  Jesus,  is that what you want and expect from me?
—  Is this difficult?  Yeah,  it is. And it’s the difference between a powerful witness and tasteless salt.

5. Caring for those who are without Christ
A. John 3:16
—  The antithesis is that if they don’t believe,  they will also live eternally….  But apart from God. In he’ll. Eternal torment b
—  How can we live as hypocrites and watch others stroll into eternal damnation? .
B. II Corinthians 5:18-19
—  We are ambassadors,  but because we value our selfish time and treasures too highly,  we are apt to be spectators to eternal tragedy