What Do They Need To See? 6/5/16

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6/5/16, Pastor Stan Candler

What Do They Need To See?  Part 2. Matt 5:13

—  Our culture is unraveling.
—  It isn’t the White House,  but the church house that is the problem.
—  We are the salt of the earth,  the key ingredient. But,  we have lost our savor,  the power of our witness is gone because we have lost the power of our walk.
—  We,  the key ingredient have lost our ability to make a difference. Because our walk and witness are ineffective.

The world needs to see:
– Authentic Faith
– Audacious Courage:  today’s message. 
– Anointed Love

Audacious Courage
What Response should we
have to evil?

1. Face It
—  Don’t change the channel of your mind to ignore the evil.
—  Ignoring reality won’t make it go away.
A. James 4:17

2. Hate It
—  What disturbs you? . Is it the price of gasoline,  or a loss of your favorite sports team?
A. Psalm 97:10

3. Resist It
—  Acknowledge it,  face it,  but what we really need to do is to stand against it.
—  We mostly just complain about stuff rather than stand against evil. But do it in love.
A. Ephesians 6:11

4. Overcome It
—  This is insight from God. The world’s perspective is opposite.
—  Good always outlasts evil when we stand in the power of the Lord.
A. Romans 12:21
B. Luke 6:27 and following.
—  What!!!  Are you serious Lord?
—  This is God’s way for overcoming evil.
—  The antidote to evil is good.

Audacious Courage
What Response do we see
from God’s people?

1. All-In
—  The 1%’ers. A small group that is all about doing good.
—  A lot of us say that they just can’t. Dealing with our fears. It sounds logical,  they SAY they all-in,  But (insert excuse here).
A. Philippians 3:14

2. Afraid
A. I Corinthians 2:3
—  Most people are convinced that they don’t have what it takes.
—  Courage is accepting the reality that there is something more important than the fear we all experience.

3. Apathy
A. Colossians 3:2
—  They say that they k in they should care,  but they just aren’t disturbed by evil.
—  They have other things that are more important than dealing with evil.