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Hi Everybody,
It seems like forever since I have seen some of you! I really miss you all so much! Hopefully I will get to see some of you this coming Sunday. Even though we sent out a letter to the church family yesterday detailing our in-person worship this coming Sunday; I had rather over communicate to make sure everyone receives the necessary information. This is our First Step toward returning, eventually, to where we were 8 weeks ago. And so here are the basic details you need to know about concerning In-person worship this coming Sunday, May 17:
  • We will have 2 Worship services: Traditional at 9am / Contemporary at 11am
  • Both services will be in the FLC – it gives us room to spread everyone out and meet all the social distancing guidelines.
  • There will be no Sunday School, Nursery, Preschool or children’s church.
  • This is a family Worship Time: Families are allowed to sit together. Social distancing measures will be used to keep families safe.
  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be set up & masks will be available for those who desire to wear one.
  • A ‘Giving’ table will be set up. We will not be passing the offering plate.
  • If you have any illness at all, be at peace and please stay home.
  • If you have any concern because of underlying conditions or are just still uncertain, be at peace and stay home.
  • We will be streaming the services live on Facebook and live.washingtonbc.org as we have the past 8 weeks.
Of course if you have any questions please contact me by email at [email protected] or text me at 864-704-5959.
Love you all,
Preacher Stan