We The People

7/3/16, Pastor Stan Candler

“It is Time to Choose”
I Kings 18:21
—  Patriotism is stirred by singing the National Anthem and other patriotic songs.
—  The Greatest Generation is responsible for propagating what may be the greatest years of our nation.
—  Those great years are,  for the most part,  in the past. What in the world is going on.
—  “When the foundations are destroyed,  what can the righteous do?” It comes down to the spiritual failure of the church.
—  The end of this age will not end in a great awakening,  but in a great spiritual collapse. . 2 Thessalonians 2. Matt 24.
—  Should we pray for Revival? Yes. Absolutely.
—  Is this the beginning of the end?

1. The Cause
A. I Kings 17:1
B. James 5:17
— The people gave God lip service,  but they lived for baal.  A religion is sensuality.  They followed the path of depravity.
—  This is a perfect picture of the United States. We give God lip service,  but fill our lives with the things of this world. We’re on a collision course with the depths of depravity.
—  The hope for America isn’t in the white house,  but the church house.

2. The Challenge
A. I Kings 18:21
—  Hesitate. Play the game.
—  Follow Him. Total surrender. All in. Quit playing the game. Go one way or the other.
B. Joshua 24:15
—  Disagreeable. Joshua said the same thing as Elijah.
—  Our challenge is to answer this question. Who will be the Lord of all in our lives?
C. Revelation 3:16
—  This is how God feels about the whole situation. He’d rather we just took a stand.
—  Trying to play for both teams literally make God sick to his stomach.

3. The Clean-Up
A. I Kings 18:30
—  The contest began,  sacrifices on the altar,  the prophets of baal got to go first.
—  Elijah mocks their failure. Satan just can’t deliver. He can never compete with the living God.
—  The altar was a place of sacrifice,  surrender,  and communion. But it had fallen into disrepair through neglect, just like their relationship with God.
—  What are you doing to keep your relationship with God new and fresh,  and vibrant? When we neglect it,  that relationship deteriorates.
B. Acts 3:19
—  Repent and Return = R&R = times of Refreshing.
—  The first thing we have to do is clean up. Put the altar in order.

4. The Commitment
A. I Kings 18:33
—  He did everything exactly as God had instructed back in Exodus. Then he went further with a trench and water.
B. I Kings 18:36
—  Evening sacrifice. About 3pm.
—  He called upon the Lord at the exact time. Appointed time.

What does it mean to be committed?  It’s simple: Obedience.