We Are Called To Belong

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8/21/16, Pastor Stan Candler

Ephesians 2:19
—  We are not only called to believe,  but also to belong.
—  We are created for community and fashioned us for fellowship.
—  Nothing in Scripture tells us to live a solitary life.
—  We are of God’s family,  it’s why we call each other brother and sister.
—  Be Intentionally interactive in living together in fellowship, in relationship.

Acts 2:42-44
—  They were devoted to fellowship.
—  Vs. 44. They were together.
—  As Christians we are going to be connected together forever.

Romans 12:4-5
—  Individually members of one body.
—  Members:  More than having your name on the role,  we are connected as an organism and have a vital role. Indispensable.

The agenda of Jesus is to build the church. The church IS the body of Christ.
—  Matthew 16:18. More than having your name on the role.
—  Ephesians, 5:25 loved the church so much he died for it. Also in Rev 19:7-8, we are called the bride of Christ.
—  Hebrews. 10:23-25. Who are you going to stimulate to love and good deeds,  if you choose to keep your distance from your brothers and sisters? Who will encourage you?  Who will lift you up a d hold you accountable?

Ministries here:

F. A. I. T. H. : Sunday School ministry. Probably the most significant time we spend together. Small groups build relationships.

F. Fellowship
A. Actively Ministering
I. Intercessory Prayer
T. Truth Building
H. Helping others know the Love of God.