A History of WBC 1821 – Present

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Today we begin a journey back into the history of our church.  On March 17, 2021, we will reach the milestone of being 200 years old!  The Bicentennial Committee has spent hours poring over the minutes of our church.  It is fortunate and rather extraordinary that all of the minutes, from the organizational meeting until now, are preserved for us to study.

Those minutes have provided an insight into our past.  That record has provided a wealth of information as well as many mysteries!  For example, why are there no minutes from Jan 2, 1921, until June 4, 1922?  We know there are no missing pages as the 1922 date follows the 1921 date with no gap in the minute book.  During this period the church celebrated its Centennial, but nothing was recorded, a mystery indeed…….

It is also notable that there is very little mention of events outside the walls of the church.  Perhaps the most significant event in the south since the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, goes without mention.  Likewise, there is nothing about the wars that follow.  The only exception is a comment on the hardships caused by the Korean Conflict.  Inflation, the low price of cotton and the threat of wider war are mentioned in August 1951.

The earlier minutes dealt rather frequently with church discipline.  For the first 75 years or so, reports of disciplinary action were regularly found in the minutes.  Not all of the actions dealt with what we would call “spiritual” matters.  As you will see in the weeks to come, civil matters were also considered.  Some of those things now appear comical, viewed through the eyes of the 21th century.

Each week for the next 20 weeks, we will provide something that we thought was significant for each decade that has gone before us.  We will travel back in time, a decade a week, until when in March 2021, we will be back in 1821!  Our hope is that you will enjoy these brief glimpses of what our church was, is, and is to be.

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