Wake Up Call Part V

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Isaiah 6:1-8
—  This is about the experience of Isaiah.
—  He was privileged to have insight into heaven’s throne room.
—  This experience allowed him to see himself as he truly was, and in spiritual despair.
—  Isaiah chapters 1-5 were all about “woe is you”, and in chapter 6 it becomes “woe is me” .
1. True conviction.
A. Isaiah 6:5. 
B. Acts 2:37. 
—  Here God pours out His Spirit upon all Jerusalem.
—  Consequently, thier heart was pierced. True conviction and spiritual helplessness and hopelessness.
—  We, like Isaiah, may be 18″ from being all that God wants us to be. Head vs. Heart knowledge.
—  God wants you and I to have a passionate heart knowledge of Him.
2. True Confession.
—  True conviction should lead to true Confession.
—  Confession means to agree with God.
A. Isaiah 6:5b. 
B. Isaiah 29:13. 
—  They, like we, know the right things to SAY, but hearts aren’t surrendered.
—  That knowledge consists of traditions learned by rote.
—  Is that the way we worship? Isn’t God looking for worshippers who are passionate?
C. Revelation. 3:15-17. 
—  Rote traditional worship is, at best, lukewarm and displeases Almighty God.
—  God wants more than a personal knowledge of the Lord, He wants passionate knowledge. Anything less is only a form of Godliness and denies the power thereof.
3. True Cleansing.
—  Isn’t it difficult to see ourselve as we truly are? We don’t want to think of ourselves in a negative.
A. Isaiah 6:6-7. 
—  Every fire is reduced to ashes unless the fire is continually stoked.
—  God always forgives completely.
B. Psalm 103:12. 
—  God chose to forgive and forget our sins.
C. 1 John 1:9.
—  Gods cleansing purifies us as white as snow.
D. Proverbs 23:8. 
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