Wake Up Call Part IV

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Isaiah 6:1-8
—  Isaiah was in everybody else’s face prior to this vision of God as He really is. Then he had a wake up call, and saw himself as he really was.
Isaiah Experienced… 
1. Spiritual helplessness.
A. Isaiah 6:5a. Isaiah saw himself as he really was.
B. Luke 5:8. Peter also saw himself as he really was.
—  We all like to use excuses to point the blame elsewhere, but the truth is, the choice is mine.
2. Spiritual hopelessness.
A. Isaiah 6:5b. Isaiah couldn’t help himself.
B. Romans 7:24. Paul saw it too.
C. Romans 3:23. 
D. II Corinthians 5:21. The solution… Help for the helpless. Through Jesus we are Justified, and our sin debt is PAID IN FULL.
3. Spiritual humility.
—  Isaiah’s focus now centered on his own need rather than getting in everyone else’s business.
A. Isaiah 6:5.
B. Joel 2:13. 
C. Matthew 7:5.
D. Matthew 15:8.
We need to see ourselves as spiritual lepers at the feet of the Healer. We NEED this.