Wake Up Call III

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Isaiah 6:1-8
—  We’ve all thought we knew something or something thoroughly, only to have a wake up call when the full truth was revealed.
—  Here,  Isaiah gets a wake up call about God. For the first time,  he sees God as He really is.
—  Many of us have this same kind of delusion,  and need a wake up call. 
1. His Power
A. Isaiah 6:1
—  A throne is a place of authority. God is on the throne if the universe. He has absolute authority over everyone and everything.
—  Who Isaiah saw was none other than our Lord Jesus Himself. See John 12:41.
B. John 12:41
—  Jesus is the Lord on the throne of the universe!
—  Is that your Jesus? Who is on the throne of your life?
—  John 1:1 reminds us of Jesus as the creator God.
—  Colossians 1:16
—  Matthew 28:18
—  There is no other king of the universe. No other savior, redeemer,  sustainer. He has the final word.
2. His Praise
A. Isaiah 6:2-4. A fascinating praise service.
B. Revelation 5:11-13. All of heaven involved in this praise service to Jesus.
—  What a contrast between what is happening in heaven and what is happening here on earth. Oh,  the arrogance of mankind to raise our fists of dust against the Master of everything.
C. Philippians 2:9-10. There is coming a day when everyone will acknowledge Him as Lord and King.
—  What is hindering your praise?
—  If you need the presence of God,  then know that He is present when we praise Him.
3. His Purity
A. Isaiah 6:3
—  When we don’t see God as He is,  we won’t see ourselves as we really are,  and that results in not seeing sin for what it is… Or even that we are participating in sin.
—  We think that we are pretty good when we compare ourselves with others,  but the light of God’s Word reveals us as we really are.
B. 1 Peter 1:16