Waiting For The Moment

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—  Satan is continually leading an assault on the Lord’s kingdom. It’s spiritual warfare.
—  Are we hiding our faith, or adjusting to the world so as not to be noticed, or do we love the world more than the Lord?
—  This is hand to hand combat. Satan is in our face. We can’t ignore it.  1 Peter 5:8.
—  In Psalm 27:13 we see a clear link to vs 11-12.  We see that Satan is using people to come against David. However, vs 13 shows that his Lord would come through for him, so he didn’t fuspair or wasn’t discouraged.
—  Vs 14 instructs us to wait for the Lord: our victories aren’t usually instanteous.  Many times we call out to God and nothing changes, so Satan whispers that God won’t come through for you…. But the scriptures say: Wait for the Lord.
—  Psalm 25:3a, promises that He will come through for you. Wait for the Lord.
—  Isiah 49:8a. In a favorable time: when the time is right.
—  Galatians 6:9. Due time: we will reap God’s blessings and benefits. But the fact is that we don’t like to wait. We have the faith to ask, but do we have the faith to wait.
When we don’t have the faith to wait:
A. We take over: Abraham and Sarah.
B. Throw in the towel. 2 Cor 5:7.
Three words Tha describe what it looks like to walk by faith:
1. Determined – To remain obedient and faithful no matter what you see.
2. Desperate – For God’s direct intervention.
3.  Declare – Your faith praise to Him continually.