Trustworthy 6

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10/29/17, Pastor Stan Candler
Matt 16:18
So far we’ve looked at being Trustworthy concerning
—  Our Take on life
—  Our Troubles
—  Our Talents
—  Our Time
—  Our Treasures (today’s message)
(a) Possessions
(b). Prosperity (Money)
Jesus talked more about our treasures than heaven and he’ll combined.
Luke 16:11
How we handle our treasure is a test of how we truly trust the Lord.
1. The Scriptural warnings about earthly treasures.
A. We are not to love them.
—  Ecclesiastes 5:10. Greed is an addiction.
–  1 Timothy 6:10.  Money can draw you away from the faith.
—  Hebrews 13:5.  A precept, a word of instruction. Where is your trust invested?
B. We are not to trust them.
—  Luke 16:13. NO servant can serve two masters. It cannot be done… But, oh how we try.
—  1 Timothy 6:17.  Everyone fixes their hope on something. True happiness and joy comes from fixing your hope on God. Never confuse your value with your valuables.  Self wort and net worth are not the same thing.
C. We are not to horde them.
—  Matt 6:19-21.
2.  The Scriptural ways to use our treasures.
A. Support His kingdom work.
—  Proverbs 3:9-10. Honor God and He keeps your barns full.
—  Malachi 3:10.  God is challenging you.
B. Support His kingdom work.
—  II Corinthians 9:6-10.  You can’t out give God.
C. Save for the future.
—  Proverbs 21:20. The wise always have something set aside.
D. Spend it to care for the family.
—  1 Timothy 5:8.
E. Share it with others in need.
—  1 Timothy 6:17-18.
—  Prov 19:17.
F. Sow it to help bring others to Jesus.
—  Luke 16:9. This parable is about hearing the thanks of those who will be in heaven because you gave.
—  3 John 7–8.