Trustworthy 4

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10/15/17, Pastor Stan Candler
—  What kind of followers do we need to be in order for Jesus to build His church?
—  When we come together there will be great grace, glory to Him, and blessing for us.
—  Do we view our lives through the eyes of the Lord or the world.
—  How do struggles for our lives?
—  What about the entitlements we are gifted with?
1. The principle of ACCEPTANCE. Matt 25:14. 
2. The principle of ALLOCATION. Ps 139:15-25 and Romans 12:6.
3. The principle of ACCOUNTABILITY. Matt 25:19 and Rom 15:12. 
4. The principle of APPLICATION.
A. Matt 25:16-18. We are represented by one of these three servants.
(1.) Reality. 1 Corinthians 10:31. 
A. Are we using our gifts for God’s glory?
B. One servant chose to bury his talent. Out of sight, out of mind. He didn’t want to deal with it. He wanted to love his life his way.
(2.) Reason. V 25
A. 2 Timothy. 1:7.
—  This servant blamed his master. We do the same thing.
(3.) Response. V 26.
A. Wicked and lazy servant. Pretty strong language.
B. Choosing to bury our gifts puts us in the same category as this wicked and lazy servant.
C. You’ll never please God by playing it safe by burying your talents.
—  Hebrews 11:6. 
—  Matt 28:28-29.
D. If we don’t use it we’re liable to lose it.
5. The principle of AFFIRMATION.
A. Matt 25:20-22. What happens when you make the right choice:
—  Recognized by the Lord.
—  Rewarded by the Lord.
—  Rejoice in the Lord.
A. Dedicate. Give yourself to God.
B. Discover. Investigate opportunities to serve.
C. Develop. Start using your gifts and they enlarge as you practice.