To Tell the Truth… Day 9

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“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed . . .”
Matthew 17:20

Part of understanding these words of Jesus is understanding the process and power of a seed. The mustard seed was the smallest garden seed of that culture. And like every seed when planted it had to germinate. The mustard seed could take up to ten days to germinate. Some seeds take longer. Other seeds not as long. But the bottom line is the amazing results that come from all these seeds if planted. Because of the tech world we live in, we tend to think about spiritual realities in technical terms. We want to reap the very second we sow. We want God to microwave our prayers.We want things to happen at the speed of the technological world we live in, rather than the process of a seed. But we are challenged in scripture to keep praying, keep giving, keep obeying, keep loving, and keep serving; and, if we keep sowing the right seeds the harvest of blessing will come in God’s time and God’s way. Which is the only way we should want it!
Keep the Faith,
Preacher Stan