To Tell the Truth… Day 8

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“They went and and preached everywhere
and the Lord confirmed the word
by the signs that followed.”
Mark 16:20

Faith is not a noun. Faith is a verb – an action verb. We act through faith and God acts in faithfulness. When God doesn’t seem to be moving in our lives, it is most likely because we are not moving by faith in Him. Let’s be honest. We want God to move first. But in the above verse we see that the disciples moved first going forward to proclaim the ‘Word’ and then God moved to confirm the ‘Word’ with “. . . signs that followed”. God is looking for us to make a statement of faith, not with our lips, but with our lives. God will move heaven and earth to honor faith in action. Prayer is essential – no doubt about it. But after kneeling down in prayer to seek God’s will, we then need to stand up and step out in faith. God did not part the raging, flood-driven Jordan river UNTIL the men carrying the ‘Ark’, by faith, stepped into the water. If you want to see God move on your behalf, then by faith ‘Step into the water’. God has never failed to do His part, when we in sincerity of heart do our part – ‘Trust and Obey’.
We Serve an Awesome God,
Preacher Stan