To Tell the Truth… Day 20

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“Wait for the gift My Father promised.”
Acts 1:4

When God says no to a prayer, it doesn’t always mean an absolute no. Sometimes it simply means not yet. It’s the right request but the wrong time. I confess that I struggle with impatience. I don’t like waiting at red lights. I really don’t like waiting at the doctor’s office. And now with the coronavirus rules, I have learned I don’t like waiting in a drive-thru for fast food. But waiting is part of praying and you could say that praying is a form of waiting. Continuous prayer enables us to ‘Wait upon the Lord’with a holy expectancy. 
After the ascension of Jesus, the disciples didn’t immediately “Go into all the world” as they were commissioned to do. Why? Because Jesus instructed them to first wait in Jerusalem for the gift the Father had promised which was the Holy Spirit. They didn’t try to get ahead of God. The fruit of their waiting until the outpouring of Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, has proved extremely beneficial now for some two thousand years. And so, do not be discouraged even in these unprecedented coronavirus days. Keep praying with all your heart and wait for it …!  Remember, sometimes God’s no simply means not yet.
Have a Blessed Day in the Lord,
Preacher Stan