To Tell the Truth… Day 19

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Holy Ground Part 2
“Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5

Jewish scholars used to debate why God appeared to Moses in a burning bush on the backside of the desert. They concluded that God wanted to show that there is no place He is not; and that He can use whomever or whatever He wants to accomplish His will. The following story by Christian author Ken Gaub illustrates the point.
Ken and his family were driving on I-75 near Dayton, Ohio, when they decide to stop at a restaurant. While the family went inside, Ken wanted to walk around and stretch his legs. As he walked he heard a nearby pay phone ringing. He ignored it at first. But the phone kept ringing and so he answered it thinking it might be an emergency. Think of how stunned he was when the operator said, “Long distance call for Ken Gaub.” The voice on the other end was a lady from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She explained to Ken that she had written a suicide note but was pleading with God for help. As she prayed she remembered seeing Ken on television and she ask God to help her find him. Think of how stunned she was to discover that Ken was not in his office but in a phone booth, outside of a restaurant, in Dayton, Ohio. This miraculous connection saved this ladies life.
You never know when you will find yourself on holy ground. It could be before a burning bush, or it could be in a phone booth, or it could be in your neighbors front yard, or it could be at work. It is wherever God is at work. Just remember, when you realize you are on holy ground, ‘take your shoes off’ in the spirit of worship and surrender because God is about to use you for His glory.
What an awesome God we serve,
Preacher Stan