To Tell the Truth… Day 13

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“And on the seventh day, march around the city seven times.”
Joshua 6:4

These were the direct words of instruction from God to Joshua. It was part of God’s battle plan to give the children of Israel victory over Jericho. For six days they were to march around the city once each day. But on the seventh day they were to march around the city seven times, the seven priest were to blow their horns, and at the blowing of the horns all the people were to give a mighty shout. And God promised the walls around the city would fall down and He would give Israel a mighty victory over Jericho. Prayer is not trying to convince God to do it our way. Prayer is embracing by faith the will of God. We discover and discern His will through the principles, precepts, and promises of His word. The Lord reveals His will to us through communion with Him. We then in obedience follow His will and continually present it to Him in prayer with a heart of surrender. I love the words of the song: “Lay Me Down” – ‘It will be my joy to say Your will, Your way, Always’. Why is this so important? Because when our prayer requests are ordained by God’s will, then the battles belong to the Lord. It is His victory to win!
Don’t lose heart! Don’t lose hope! Don’t lose faith!
Preacher Stan