To Tell the Truth… Day 10

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“In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice;
In the morning I will order my prayers to You and eagerly watch.”
Psalm 5:3

When David says he will “eagerly wait” he is talking about waiting with anticipation to see how the Lord will answer. The key phrase being ‘How the Lord will answer’. If we are not careful we will sometimes try to take matters into our on hands. We try to answer our own prayers. It is one thing to trust and obey and another thing to play God. Abraham took matters into his own hands to fulfill the promise God had made to him. Instead of waiting patiently with eager anticipation for the miraculous work of God’s hand on himself and his wife Sarah; Abraham, sought to fulfill God’s promise to him, his way. We are all still dealing with the results of Abraham’s actions to this day. The never ending conflict in the middle east is the result of Abraham trying to do God’s work for Him. And so confidently lift your request up to the Lord – trust in Him – wait patiently with anticipation – let God answer in His way and His time – you will be glad you did!
Preacher Stan