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1/1/2017, Pastor Stan Candler
—  The new year is a time of Reflection and Renewal.
—  A signal event,  which is to say a watershed event in history was the establishment of the church. God was and is actively working then and now.
1. Devoted to TRUTH.
A. LEARN IT.  Acts 2:42a.
a)  We should be devoted. God’s Word which is the truth. They were devoted to feasting on the Word.
b) Let’s intentionally devote ourselves to feast upon the Word. . (1 Tim 4:7a) Make it your priority.
—  We have lots of priorities in life,  but this is our prime directive.  It has an impact today and throughout eternity.
Promises for learning and living the Word (Devote yourself to truth):  His personal revelation.
B. Promise of his personal presence.
Thus is the key to moving from the superficial to supernatural.
2. Devoted to TOGETHERNESS.  Acts 2:42a, 44-46.
—  We have multiple opportunities to feast on God’s Word.
—  Let’s dedicate ourselves to togetherness this year.
A. Purpose driven relationships.
—  Hebrews 10:23-25.
a)  There is a danger of slowly fading away from fellowship without the support of relationships to support and build one another up.
b)  Make it a priority to ensure that no one fades or fizzles this year.
B. Personal involvement in ministry.
—  Acts 2:44-45
a)  All needs should be met,  challenges overcome,  etc. because of togetherness.
b) Thus is a family,  not a factor. A body,  not a building. Get your time,  talent,  and treasures involved.
C. Praying fervently together.
—  Acts 2:42
a)  We need a break through to fervency this year.
b)  Why isn’t prayer a sustainable fervent priority?
c)  Let’s get devoted to praying together.
3. Devoted to TESTIFYING.  Acts 2:42b, 46b, 47a.
—  Are you ready to give an account for the hope that us within you?