The Catalyst To Change

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1/15/17, Pastor Stan Candler
I John 4:7-8
From Ephesians 4:20-25:
Acknowledging the Truth
Actually Choosing to Change our Behavior
Asking others for Support. We all need help.
Are You Serious about Change?
The Spiritual Catalyst To change is to GIVE YOURSELF AWAY IN SELFLESS LOVE.
—  Selfless love renews,  refreshes,  rejuvenates.
1. The Principle
A. I John 4:7-8
—  God IS Agape (selfless)  love.
—  Those who don’t know God can’t give themselves away in selfless love.
2. The Precept
A. Romans 12:9-10,  15
—  Precepts are direct instructions given to us by God.
—  Here,  Paul is saying “Let’s quit playing games” .
—  We all experience an unloving moment on occasion,  but we are to choose a loving,  good,  blessing attitude.
—  Devoted: “all in” .
—  Preference to others doesn’t take into account any benefit to ourselves.  We all need to be loved and blessed.
B. Matthew 7:12
C. Ephesians 4:21
—  Bless other with selfless love.  Because of the sacrifice of Jesus. Follow the example.
—  Why?  Nothing else opens up the abundance of God’s life changing power like selfless love.
D. Philippians 2:13
—  Embrace this selfless love.
—  When we do,  God promises to take care of you. We need not take care of nr. 1.
—  The disaster of our world system is the philosophy of selfishness in taking care of ourselves rather than others.
3. The Promise. An example.
A. Job 42:10
—  God restored Job’s fortunes WHEN Job prayed for his friends. The emphasis here isn’t on doubling his stuff,  it is on Jobs selflessness.
B. Acts 20:35
—  We tend to put this into material concepts,  but the greatest application is to put it into terms of giving ourselves away in selfless love.