Overcoming By Faith Part 3

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Introduction :
A. Satan is, and always has been viciously fighting against God. He wants to rid this world of the Word, Will, and Ways of God, and it is rapidly escalating his strategy and tactics today where you and I live.
B. Our . . .
1. Identification as ‘The Beloved’
2. Inspiration in ‘The Bible’
3. Instructions to ‘The Body’
Jude 20-21
To be overcomers and not overcome by the world:
1. We need Spiritual Vitality
A. Jude 20a
– Intentionally Eat Healthy. Feasting on the Word, and not the junk food of the world.
– Intentionally Exercise Regularly. Faith us like a muscle. Use it or lose it.
– Intentionally Enlist Support.
2. We need Spiritual Vibrancy. Energized. Empowered.
A. Jude 20b . . . “Praying in the Holy Spirit . . .”
B. Ephesians 6:18. There are only two ways to cry out to God:
– Self Directed Prayers.
– Spirit Directed Prayers. Romans 8:26a
How to pray Spirit directed prayers:
a. Sincere Heart. Psalms 37:4
b. Surrendered Heart. 
c. Supplicating Heart. 
Mark 11:17 – “. . . Is it not written, My House shall be called a House of Prayer . . . ”