An Update for Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Hi Everyone,

I trust that everyone is well and looking daily unto the LORD as we continue to navigate our way through this ‘coronavirus’ challenge set before us. Eleven days ago President Trump’s requested that for fifteen days we were to keep all assembling together to ten people or less. In response to his request, and seeking to be wise and responsible, we suspended all church activities here at WBC. We have been seeking to stay engaged with each other through social media including online services and bible studies. Your response has been a tremendous blessing, and the staff has delighted to be able to serve you through every venue we have available to us.
Again, this coming Sunday morning you can join us online at 10 o’clock through our church website, or on our church Facebook page. From the feedback, we have received thus far most prefer using our website. We had a tremendous response last week and I hope even more of you will join us this Sunday. What a day it will be when we can once again assemble together and worship our LORD together with all our heart and soul. But until then, we are so blessed to be able to join our hearts together in this manner. Please, help spread the word, gather your family together Sunday morning, and let’s honor the LORD with our love and trust in Him.

I Love You All,
Preacher Stan