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6/19/16, Pastor Stan Candler

Leaving A Legacy
Fathers Day Message
Psalms 103:17

—  Disney world’s EPCOT center is marked by large stones that say “Leave A Legacy” . For a fee,  you can have your picture imposed on on of their stoned.
—  Everyone wants to leave a mark in this world. Leave a legacy.
—  Psalm 103:18
(a) . God lavished his love on those who love him.
(b) . AND He honors the faithful follower by pouring His Grace. Mercy,  and blessing on the descendents of the faithful.

Leave an example of . . .

1. Seeking the Lord Intimately
A. Matthew 6:33
—  This one verse should be the priority of your life. The absolute priority of our lives is to be seeking His will/word/way/righteousness.
—  There is no worldly possession we can leave our children that enriches them. Only impressing them with a righteous life will guide them,  and enrich them.
—  It begins with salvation. Don’t let anything hinder you from leading in them to Jesus.

BPsalm 63:1-3
—  Thus should be the prayer of every father. Is it your testimony?

2. Speaking with Integrity
A. Proverbs 17:7. 
—  Everyone year,  a list of men is published of the world’s most  admired men. Dr. Billy Graham always is no. 1.  Why?
—  Integrity. Always keep their word. Always keep their promises. Always tell the truth.

B. Ephesians 4:29a
—  Do you use your tongue to cut. To hurt? Or to bless?
—  Do you practice what you preach?
—  The Nr. 1 cause of resentment is that parents don’t keep their promises. We are untrustworthy when we fail to honor our word.

3. Serving with Intensity
—  Who does God describe as great?

A. Matthew 23:11
—  Teach your children to serve,  minister to others,  and they are primed to become great.

B. Colossians 3:22
—  Heartily means intensity.
—  How do you serve God?  By serving others in His name.
—  That is called Laying Up Treasures In Heaven.

C. 2 Peter 3:10
—  Remember that IT’S ALL GOING TO BURN.
—  Stuff is ephemeral. Don’t invest in material things,  but in eternal things.

4. Sharing Generously
A. II Corinthians 9:8-10
—  God gives us a challenge. Try to out give God.
—  As we give, He replenishes the supply and give even more.

B. Proverbs 11:25

5. Succeedingwith Humility
A. Proverbs 29:23
—  How do you deal with praise?
—  How do you deal with criticism?