Lk 2:9-11
I. A good news message. Lk 2:10a
A. “I bring you Good News”
B. Thus si the word we get our word Evangelize from.
—  Even though the gospel us the best of news,  it may be the news we share the least.
—  It is our responsibility to share this news that they need the most.
—  John 3:16 is really all you need to share the good news.
II. A great news message. Lk 2:10b. 
A. Good news of GREAT JOY. Joy brings happiness,  but they aren’t the same thing.  Happiness comes a d goes with circumstances,  but joy is constant.
—  Lk 1:41-44. This was significant.  Infants move during gestation all the time,  but thus was different.
—  Lk 1:15.
—  Acts 1:8.
—  Ephesians 5:18-19. 
B. Do you have joy,  or happiness. Joy is an attitude.
Cultivate Joy. 
APhilippians 4:4. 
—  It’s the word always that trips us up. There are few perfect 10 days. Life can be harsh,  can’t it?
—  Understand it:  Happiness is an emotion,  but Joy is a choice. It’s predicated on our attitude. We must cultivate it.
1. Attitude of gratitude. 
A. 1 Thessalonians 5:18. 
—  We don’t have to give thanks FOR everything,  but we do need to give thanks IN everything.
—  Psychologists and Nerologists say this attitude of gratitude is the most powerful thing for healthy living and contentment.
—  The Scriptures tell us to LEAD our hearts,  not to FOLLOW our heart. We hear that all the time,  but it’s wrong.
B. Psalm 28:7. 
2. Attitude of giving.
A. 2 Corinthians 9:7.
—  We are most like God when we cheerfully give.
—  Christmas is a reflection of God’s cheerful and loving gift to us.
B.  Acts 20:35. 
—  Cheerful giving just set God on fire in our lives.
—  Our problem is the word SELF.  We are never satisfied,  no matter what toys we’ve got.
—  Rick Warren,  author of “The purpose drive life”  gives 92% of his income. He could have bought a literal island,  but his joy is giving….  And God blesses Rick Warren with joy.
C. Mark 8:35.
3. Attitude of gospel sharing.
A. Lk 2:11. 
B. Lk 15:10. 
III A global news message.
A. Lk 2:10c. 
— ” which will be for all people.”