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12/18/16, Pastor Stan Candler
1. Matt 1:23
—  At this time of year,  always remember that it was the ETERNAL GOD of the universe who was born into the very world that He Himself created.
—  Song “Mary did you know”  states that when she kissed the face of her baby,  she kissed the face of God.
2. John 1:1-3, 14
—  In verse 3 we see that all thing came into being through Him) through Christ) .
—  Jesus is the creator of EVERYTHING.
3. Colossians 1:16
—  He is the image of the invite God.
—  He spoke all things into existence. Creation through Him,  and for Him.
IMMANUEL declares Jesus to be the Eternal God.
4. Psalm 139:7-10
—  David was in awe of the omnipresence of Immanuel.
—  No one can escape the presence of God. No where to run,  no where to hide.
5. 1 Corinthians 6:19
—  For the believer it is even better. God dwell IN me.
—  He LITERALLY dwells in me. He is there to manifest the blessings of being a child of God.
—  This blessing is available to every believer,  but it isn’t automatic. We play a role in this. We must take the initiative.
6. Galatians 5:16
—  The key word is WALK.
—  I take the initiative in order to move. We must open the door to allow the Spirit to work in our lives.
7. Revelation 3:20.
—  The context of this verse was written to believers.
—  Jesus says open up the door of you life to recieve the blessings.
I. FEAR. Holy awe and respect. 
A. Psalm 111:10 Romans 1:18-20
—  Without a holy awesome respect for God,  we move into darkness.
—  The passage in Romans demonstrates the path into darkness (yes,  they knew God) .
—  The passage in psalms demonstrates that the fear of the Lord moves us into the light.
B. 1 Samuel. 2:30
—  Opening up your life leads to God honoring you.
C. Psalm 103:13
—  God’s compassion,  love,  mercy,  etc. comes from referential fear of God.
A. Proverbs 3:5-6
—  God throughout his word gives us principles,  precepts,  and promises.
—  Every promise if God comes with prerequisites.
—  This passage is so important to every believer. We may not understand what is going on,  but God does,  so trust Him.
B. Psalm 16:11
III. FOCUS. Sharing  your faith with others. 
A. Psalm 37:4
—  Pour out God’s love into the lives of other and the PROMISE is the He will give you the desires of your heart.