Here I Am, Send Me

7/17/16, Pastor Stan Candler


—  It is well with my soul. Even when our life is out of control. We are surrounded by people who cannot say that it is well with their soul.
—  What are we doing about that very serious condition?
—  Do you feel led to be a missionary?  We are all called,  but our culture has narrowed down the definition of missionary to career missions on foreign fields. But it us our calling.
—  2 Corinthians 5:18-20CommitmentReconciliation. Ambassador. He is talking about a spiritual mindset of being a missionary. Do we really “get it”?
—  Being intentionally intent on being sent to share the love of God in Jesus Christ.
—  Luke 5:1-7. This is what that looks like. This is an illustration of how to make this a reality. 

1.Turn It Over
A. Luke 5:1-3
—  This is how to get it to live it.
—  You gotta turn it all over. Get Jesus in the boat. Give the boat of your life to Him. Your profession,  personal life (marriage,  home,  etc) .
B. Matthew 6:33
—  How are we to live out our lives?  FIRST,  seek the kingdom of God. Before anything else we are defined as missionaries.
C. Luke 5:6-7
—  All things being equal, the difference was having Jesus in the boat. Everything else was unchanged.

2.Trust and Obey
A. Luke 5:4-7
—  Peter was being politically correct. He was the pro here,  not Jesus.  He knew fishing,  but even though they’d worked hard all night,  he still obeyed,  just because Jesus said so.
—  If we are going to turn it all over to Jesus,  we have to trust and obey. All Jesus asks of us is to simply do what we’re told to do. It’s not complicated.