Until We Get It And Live It Part IV

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8/7/16, Pastor Stan Candler 
‘Being Intentionally Intent
on being Sent to Share
the Love of God in
Christ Jesus’
—  God us at work in this world,  and He has chosen us,  the church,  to be His primary means of accomplishing that work. 
—  When we get it and live it,  we will experience the power and success they did in the book of Acts. Adding to the church daily.  
—  Our mission is to bring people to Jesus. 
—  We’re all missionaries for Christ. 
—  We’re ministers to one another.  In sharing,  serving,  and even in suffering.  
S. E. N. T.
1. SEEK.  Seek to involve God in every aspect of your life. 
A. Ephesians 3:20
—  There is a connection between God working in us and our asking. 
B. James 4:2c. 
—  Ask God to take the initiative. 
2. EMBRACE.  Embrace a mission driven mind. Rom 12:1-2
A. John 17:18
—  Begin with the reality that God is doing the sending. 
—  When you are involved in a mission trip,  you have a different mindset. You are mission focused. It’s different,  isn’t it? 
—  God wants us to have that mindset every day of our lives. 
B. Acts 20:24
–  Paul had this mission driven mindset. 
—  You are as much a missionary as Paul was. 
—  Every day,  the same mindset. 
—  Why don’t we do that? . Nr 1 reason is Fear Of Failure. Failure isn’t falling short of the goal,  it is not having a goal to start with. It isn’t falling down, it’s choosing to not get up. 
3. NEVER GIVE UP.  Do not quit! 
A. Galatians 6:9
—  Grow weary = throwing in the towel. 
—  How do we measure greatness? 
a) Not wealth or success,  it’s more about what it takes to discourage you. 
b) A voice of doubt? 
c) Comparing yourself with others? 
B. Proverbs 2:6
C. Psalm 46:10
—  Just get alone with God. Then simply Obey.
4. TRUST.  Trust God in all of His power. 
A Jeremiah 32:7
—  Never let an impossible situation intimidate you. 
B Matthew 9:29
—  where does faith dwell? Only in those places where,  if God does not show up,  “it” can’t be done. 
We have an adversary.
—  He isn’t a quitter,  so expect opposition. He is the great discouraged. 
—  Expect delays in anticipated milestones: Don’t panic. 
—  Expect detours: Be flexible on your mission. 
—  Expect difficulties. When the fruit doesn’t become ripe and plans won’t come to fruition. 
—  Expect dry seasons.  
2 Chronicles 16:9. God is never late. He never abandons you. He will not quit or give up on you.