Until We Get It, And Live It Part III

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7/31/16, Pastor Stan Candler

‘The Fellowship of Love
—  I Timothy 3:14-15We are children of God and therefore part of His family.
—  John 1:12
—  John 13:34-35Our primary responsibility in the family is to love one another sacrificially. This is how all men will know are His children.

‘Intentionally Intent on
being Sent to Share the Love of God in Christ Jesus’

1. The ‘Fellowship of Love’ –
Sharing Together (level one) 
—  All relationships begin with sharing.  Conversation,  time,  meals,  events,  etc.
—  The more you share,  the closer you get. 
A.  Acts 2:44
—  Early days of the church. They shared life,  and the more they shared,  the closer they became.
—  We move form watching to belonging. From the outside to the inside.
B. Hebrews 10:24-25
—  Spectators vs participants.
— Small group model draws us into sharing life together.

2. The ‘Fellowship of Love’ –
Serving Together (the second level) 
A. I Corinthians 3:9a
—  We’re a team. Totally together.
B. Galatians 5:13
—  Serving one another takes the Fellowship of Love from level one to a deeper level. It is a bonding experience.
C. Ephesians 4:16
—  We are incomplete unless every member participates.
—  We are here to serve. It is spiritual growth.
—  This rescues the perishing, cares for the dying.
—  Intentionally search for opportunities to serve each other.

3. The ‘Fellowship of Love’ –
Suffering Together (the deepest level: sharing the pain) 
A. Galatians 6:2
—  It’s about being there.
B. John 13:34-35
C. Romans 12:15
—  We’re in it together.
—  There are no Lone Ranger Super Star Christians. We need each other.