Sunday School

Sunday School Classes meet at 9:45 AM in the Family Life Center and upper campus. Childcare is provided for our youngest, and classes are provided for the preschool age group up to adults.

Sunday School Director

Donnie King

Sunday School Secretary

Johnny McCall

Assistant Sunday School Director

Larry Williams

Nursery Department


  • Babies/ Crawlers:
  • 1 year olds: Julie Tillotson, Ray Tillotson
Preschool Department


  • 2 year olds: Leigh Beasley, Justin Beasley
  • 3 & 4 year olds: Anna Barnes
  • 5 year olds: Vicki Stewart, Belinda Jones


  • Marilyn Moore
  • Debbie Moorer
  • Gail Chastain
Children’s Department

Department Director/ Outreach
Erica Ramsey

Assistant Department Director
Carolyn Ray


  • 1st grade: Marlyn Moore, Shannon Cape
  • 2nd grade: Teresa Warren
  • 3rd grade: Faye Thompson, Pam King
  • 4th grade: Carolyn Ray
  • 5th grade: Ellen Hawkins


  • Glenn Hawkins
  • Ashley Sexton
Youth Department

Department Director
Rev. Rusty Freeman


  • Middle School: Rob Manning, Samuel Couch, Tina Martin
  • High School Girls:
  • High School Boys:Anthony Martin
College & Career Class


  • Rusty Freeman, Amber Freeman

Assistant Teachers

  • Michael Cain, Brooke Cain
Couples for Christ

(20 Somethings)

  • Outreach:
  • Teacher: Tim Sexton
  • Assistant Teacher: Nathan Tillotson
Son Seekers


  • Teacher: Bryan Cothran
  • Assistant Teacher: Rob Manning
Celebrate Recovery
  • Teacher: Kim Rogers
  • Assistant Teacher:
Gate Keepers

(30 Somethings)

  • Director: Rick Hannon
  • Outreach: Vicki Coker
  • Teacher: Garry Stewart
  • Assistant Teacher:
Seeking Him

(Ladies 30-50)

  • Teacher: Denise Cothran
  • Assistant Teacher: Julie Sims
Crusaders for Christ


  • Director: Saundra Tate
  • Outreach: Sallie Stone
  • Teacher: Rick Cothran
  • Assistant Teacher: Lynn Ballard
Upward Bound

(50 Somethings)

  • Director: Steve Candler
  • Outreach: Carolyn Neely
  • Teacher: Bobby Ramsey
  • Assistant Teacher:
Department Director

Nancy Locke

  • Encouragers Class: Martha Coker, Kathryn Chastain, Linda Hufstetler
  • Geraldine Woods Class: Virginia Able, Sybil Chasteen
  • David Bible Class: Henry Creighton, Jon Rogers, Dean Alverson
  • Robert & Wade Chandler Class: Randy King, Guyton Thompson
  • Couples Class: Lonnie Neves, Nancy Locke