Freedom is not free. Especially spiritual freedom, and that became real at the cross.

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  5. Freedom is not free. Especially spiritual freedom, and that became real at the cross.

What do they need to see? part 1
Matt 5:13

—  We have embraced everything averse to the ways of God. And we are reaping the results today. Jeremiah 2:13.
—  We have forsaken the fountain of living water.
—  We have a responsibility to participate in choosing the leaders of our counry.
—  But we have a greater responsibility.  Matt 5:13: Christians have become tasteless.  The world rejects us as role models.

What do they need to see?


James 2:14a. What use is it to profess faith if our life does not demonstrate it? Are you the real deal?
—  Do the world see authentic faith in our life?
—  We live in a world that is full of fakes: faux leather,  brick facades,  etc.
—  The world may be blinded to the gospel but they see through our false fronts. It isn’t believable. Not authentic.
—  The issue at stake is the reputation of Jesus Christ.

Why do we struggle with being the real deal? 

1. Ignorance
—  Plenty of people have a knowledge of God,  but they fail to believe IN God. In Christ. EXPERIENTIALY.
—  Some of those living in ignorance are afraid of God.
A. Genesis 3:10
—  Adam and Eve feared God because of their sin.
B. John 14:21 (Help for those who are afraid.)
—  Jesus wants to help us know Him.
—  Be honest with where you are,  what you know about God, and simply obey it. God will start disclosing Himself to you.
—  Before you know it,  you become the real deal. You will have authentic,  believable faith.

2. Idolatry. 
A. Exodus 20:3
—  Money,  pleasure,  control,  power,  etc.
—  Idols hold us back from demonstrating authentic faith.
—  Satan whispers that you will lose everything. It’s a lie.
B. Luke 9:57-62
—  Lord,  I’m ready to follow you anywhere,  but first…..  How big is your but?
—  We are saying other things are more important. Is that authentic faith?
—  Sin,  pride (what is the center letter?)   We have an I problem.

3. Iniquity. 
A. Romans 3:23
—  ALL of us have sinned. But,  no one wants us to be free of our be setting sins than God.
—  Sin binds us,  and destroys our testimony.
B. 1 John 1:9
—  Get to know Him. Removes the idols.  Finally,  repent.
—  Not were ready to become the real deal.