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Church Family and Friends,
As we have been preparing for this coming Sunday, I have been wondering if this would be the first Easter Sunday, since its birth on March 17,1821, that the doors of Washington Baptist Church would not be open. I don’t know the answer, but just the possibility saddens my heart. Yet, I praise the Lord, because – coronavirus or not – His church is alive and well! And as a Follower of Christ, I celebrate Him and His resurrection everyday as my Living Savior. He has given me a new life and I have the joy and blessing of living out this new life with Him day by day.
With the coronavirus crisis still confronting us, our Sunday services will continue to be online at 10am on Sunday morning. Our upcoming Easter Sunday service will include communion. As the Body of Christ, even when we can’t come together for the time being, we can still join our hearts together in reverent thanksgiving for the Lord’s perfect and eternal atonement for our sin. I want to encourage each family to use this time to reaffirm your faith in Christ and to consecrate your home to the glory of Christ.
Please take time to prepare for this part of our service. While you are out and about for ‘essential’ reasons, according to the guidelines given to us, pick up some grape juice and bread. We, also, have plenty of resources for communion here in the church office that you can come by and pick up while out on ‘essential’ business. Our State Attorney General told us that we are considered essential. Our office hours are from 8am to 4:30pm. We will be closed on Good Friday. If neither of these are not options for you, simply use what you have at home. 
Please share this with everyone you know and invite them to join us this coming Easter Sunday either through our church Facebook page or our website – live.washingtonbc.org.
Love to All,
Preacher Stan