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Your greatest challenge is God’s greatest opportunity. 
1. Listen to who represents God. 1 Sam 3:7-7
  • Hear the truth that God reveals through who He brings into your life.
  • We are created to be relational.
2. God is persistent,  but just. 1 Sam 3:8
  • A. God visited Samuel 4 times and Samuel Responded.
  • Samuel wasn’t responsible the first three times. He was ignorant.  Be mindful that there is a cut off. It’s OK to be ignorant,  but not disobedient.
3. Obedience is the key to finding God’s purposes. 1 Samuel. 3:19-20
  • Eli,  and his sons all died because they persistence in disobedience. God cleaned house.
  • God eliminates issues in our lives as we obey his call. God is still calling. Our job is to stay on track.
Mother Theresa said the she wasn’t called to be successful,  she was called to be faithful.