Are You Serious About Change

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  5. Are You Serious About Change
1/8/17, Pastor Stan Candler
—  People are interested in change for the purpose of improving their life.
—  John 10:10 Jesus promises us a certain quality of life. Hurts,  habits, and hangups cause all of us to want to change.
—  New years resolutions nearly always fail and no permanent change occurs.
1. Acknowledge what is true. 
A. Eph 4:20-21
—  Start in verses 16-19 above to see:  There are living their lives based on lies. Delusions of Satan.  They don’t even know they are lies.
—  Lies put us in bandage,  but the truth sets us free.
—  We,  in the body of Christ,  are susceptible to the same bondage,  because we choose to live our lives in deception.
—  Note the contrast beginning in vs 20. Jesus is absolute truth.
—  The key is not willpower. The key is truth. Allow Jesus to show you who you really are.
—  Apart from Jesus we see ourselves as we hope to be instead who we really are. Jesus let me see the truth about my life.
—  How?  One way is through the Word. Feasting on God’s Word.
B. 2 Tim 3:16-17
—  This is the whole,  inerrant,  infallible Word of God.
—  Change?  Be open,  honest,  and ask God to reveal the truth about your life through His Word.
2. Actually choose to change our behavior.
A. Eph 4:22-24
—  We make choices in our minds…  The control tower of our lives.
—  There are choices we need to make:  We have to lay aside and put on. We have to choose to make the change.
—  Don’t wait for God to change you,  because God is waiting for you to choose to change.
—  In a trapeze act,  they have to let go of one side and grab onto the other side. Our problem is that we won’t let go so that the truth of God’s word can transform us.
—  Once we let go,  and we have laid aside the past. Then God can work.
B. Philippians 2:13
—  I’ve got to open up my life.
—  Every time we let go,  God grants more grace,  more truth.
3. Asking for support from others.
A. Eph 4:25
—  We need each other to speak truth into each other’s lives.
B. Hebrews 10:23-25 
—  Togetherness. Let us consider how to stimulate and encourage one another.