A Message from Stan Candler

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Hi Everybody,

     We have a huge weekend coming up with the Men’s conference and our Revival Services starting Sunday morning! We have 35 men signed up for the conference and Rev. Randy Harling is eager to come and share the Word with us! I want to remind you of the following:
1. Sunday morning service will be a joint service in the Family Life Center at 10am. there will be no Sunday School.
2. As we have done each week since opening back up, the FLC will be totally disinfected. Everything will continue to be set up to follow CDC social distancing and we ask everyone to practice social distancing. Stations will be available with hand sanitize bottles and extra masks.
3. All the revival services will be ‘live streamed’ online!
4. All evening revival services, beginning Sunday Night, will start at 7:00pm.
We are trusting the Lord, even in the midst of all that is going on, to show that He is not hindered at all by any of it! We believe His Spirit can work mightily in our hearts whether we are there ‘in person’ or there ‘online’. We obviously want as many who can join us ‘in person’ to do so, but are so grateful for those who help us connect with all our church family and friends.
Love you all,
Preacher Stan