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Dear Church Family,

First of all, I want to share how grateful I am to be a part of and Pastor of such a wonderful Fellowship of Believers in Christ. Our worship together this past Sunday in the midst of the Coronavirus concerns was wonderful. Our Upward Basketball Celebration in the 11 o’clock service was fabulous with over 300 in attendance. We give praise to the Lord for Sam Couch and his leadership team for the God-honoring manner in which they have led this ministry!

Yesterday, our President, seeking to respond as wisely and responsibly as possible to the Coronavirus crisis, asked all of us as to help by limiting our gatherings to 10 people or less. After consulting with staff and the trustees; we strongly feel we have the responsibility to follow the leadership of our President.Therefore, for the next two weeks we are suspending all church activities. Obviously, we will be monitoring this situation daily and keep you informed as decisions are made and plans are made concerning the church.

During this period of time we will have my sermons online beginning this Sunday. We will send instructions explaining how to access the sermons soon. We will continually seek ways to stay engaged with you and I earnestly encourage you to devote yourself to prayer for our country and church family. We ask you to please continue your support of the work of the church through your giving. Our ministry obligations will continue and possibly even increase. You can give online through Realm or you can mail it to the church office. When this is all over and we get back to normal, we want to be able to hit the road running.

Should you have a need please let us know. The staff and deacons will be continuing to work and serve. We especially want to be available for our seniors and those who are high risk. Let us all stay strong and courageous keeping our eyes of Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Love for all,

Preacher Stan

Throughout the course of these few weeks we will be posting encouraging devotional updates here: https://washingtonbaptistchurch.org/category/devotional/ Keep checking back for more updates.