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WBC 1970-1979

Presidents of the United States
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter

Pastors of Washington Baptist Church
R. Louie Wynn
Don Gambrell (interim)
James E. Ellenburg

Rev. Wynn retired in 1974.  During his ministry, there were 113 baptisms and 73 members were added by letter.

Rev. Ellenburg began his ministry in January 1975. By this time it was evident that the facilities of the church were inadequate for the needs. In November 1975, a Long Range Planning Committee was appointed to make recommendations. The committee recommended that a new parsonage be the first priority and a social hall to follow.

In December 1979, a contract was awarded to Gary McAlister to construct a four bedroom, split level house at a cost of $83,500 to serve as the parsonage.

In April 1975, the church called Brother Steve Madray as the first paid music director in the history of the church.