WBC 1960-1969

Presidents of the United States
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon

Pastors of Washington Baptist Church
Paul Hudson
Guy Cothran
Louie Wynn

In the early days of the church, prior to the Civil War, many were buried with graves marked only with stones.  In 1963, those stones were removed and a granite marker was erected which reads:

“This memorial was erected by the members of Washington Baptist Church in honor of all those unknown dead who have been buried in unmarked graves since the organization of the church in 1821.”

On October 2, 1966, the church approved the construction of the present Sanctuary and Adult Sunday School Department. The total cost of the project was $129,051.  This included building, furniture, and parking lot. The Sanctuary was dedicated on July 9, 1967, replacing the building which had served since 1908.