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WBC 1940-1949

Presidents of the United States
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman

Pastors of Washington Baptist Church
H. M. Fallow
Norman W. Merrell

In November 1940, a collection was taken for British children. No other details were given. We can only assume that this had something to do with the war which was already raging in Europe.

In November 1944, the church began the practice of deacon rotation and decided that any deacon reaching the age of 65 would become an honorary deacon for life.

In April 1948, Rev H. M. Fallow resigned as pastor after serving for 25 years. His health was failing and he died on October 26, 1948, and is buried in the church cemetery.

In March 1949, the church approved a plan to build a parsonage. That building was completed in 1955.