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WBC 1910-1919

Presidents of the United States
William Howard Taft
Woodrow Wilson

Pastors of Washington Baptist Church
I. W. Wingo
R. H. Burris
W. H. Canada
J. P. Coleman
M. M. McCuen
J. H. Washington

In May 1916, money was raised to purchase “singing books”.

On June 3, 1917, the church ordained Charles Furman Sims to the ministry. He went on to serve as General Secretary-Treasurer to the General Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

In July 1919, the church approved the hiring of a sexton at a salary of $20 per year. We are perhaps unfamiliar with the term “sexton”.  It is defined as “a person who looks after a church and churchyard, sometimes acting as bell-ringer and formerly as a gravedigger”.

There is no mention of World War l nor of any men who served in that conflict.