WBC 1900-1909

Presidents of the United States
William McKinley
Theodore Roosevelt

Pastors of Washington Baptist Church
W. B. McCuen
A. L. Vaughn
H. K. Williams
W. Wingo

The church meeting house was damaged by a storm in 1902 and rather than repair, it was sold for $85.00 to Harold Sullivan and rebuilt as a barn. That barn still stands about a mile away. A new church was built near the site of the old building later in 1902. That church burned in early 1908 and was built back in the fall of that same year.  That 1908 building served until replaced by the current sanctuary in 1967.

The home mission offering in 1905 was $2.55. The foreign mission offering was $2.66 in 1906. In 1906 the pastor’s salary was raised to $125.00 a year.