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WBC 1890-1899

Presidents of the United States
Benjamin Harrison
Grover Cleveland
William McKinley

Pastors of Washington Baptist Church
J. M. Allen
G. W. Rogers
W. B. McCuen

The minutes for the 1890s provide some interesting financial data.

In 1890, it was agreed to pay someone (unnamed) $5.00 a year to take care of the church. That person resigned later that year and was not paid.  Also in 1890, it was agreed to give Furman $10.00.  Nine men pledged $7.50 toward that goal.

In 1891, the collection for missions was $1.45.

In 1892, work was done on the well at a cost of $2.55.  Funds were sent to the association for these purposes:  Association needs $1.95, women’s mission $1.65,  missionary $7.75, for a total of $12.05.

In 1893 a motion was made to take up a collection every Sunday for church and mission needs.