WBC 1880-1889

Presidents of the United States
Rutherford B. Hayes
James A. Garfield
Chester Arthur
Grover Cleveland
Benjamin Harrison

Pastors of Washington Baptist Church
W. L. Tribble (died while pastor)
A. C. Stepp
J. M. Allen

In 1880 the church had 158 members. The first death of a child noted in the minutes was that of a 18-month-old child in 1881.

Report of membership in 1881:

  • Baptized                           26
  • Received by letter               5
  • Restored                            6
  • Dismissed by letter             5
  • Excluded                           3
  • Died                                  6

In 1882 the church agreed to discontinue monthly collections and to have two services a month.

In September 1884, the following motion was approved;

“Move that a clommitty be appointed to clean out church and to put up signs asking the people not to spit own the flore”

In 1885 the fence around the graveyard was sold for $6.95.

The pastor’s salary in 1886 was $61.85 per year.